Top 10 for The Flu

October 17, 2009 — Leave a comment

imagesGoing on day #8 of the flu.  After sitting in the doctor’s office on Tuesday morning, wearing “the mask” for several hours – I’m thankful I was a negative for the pig epidemic.  I’m not sure what was worse leaning my dizzily head against a sheet rock wall for 2 hours or having a dozen people and their small kids stare at me as though I was a monster ha!

O.K. here’s my top ten positives for the flu:

1.  Have an excuse to sleep in (but I know later I’ll have to make them up)

2.  Catch up any new release movies (that aren’t Disney – Brother’s Bloom was actually pretty good!)

3.  Read 3 books I’ve been wanting to knock out (Ravenhill is a stud!)

4.  Watch every inning, every pitch, every out of every playoff baseball game (even though it’s the Spankees!)

5.  Lose 10 pounds (literally believe my 2-year-old ate more yesterday than I’ve had all week!)

6.  I get to grow a beard and it’s OK because no one sees it

7.  I get to be home with my family and not miss my boys destroying anything or each other!

8.  Reminded that the world gets along fine without me for a week

9.  Allows me to trust in my heavenly father that this all has a big picture purpose and I needed rest after a month of high stress

10.  Extended periods of time alone with Him just can’t be beat

So for half of the rest of you that have had the flu what would be your top 10?


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