4 Words of Personal Development

October 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

imagesThis morning after dropping Cambo off at Pre-School I got home and decided to start venturing out of Psalms and spend time with David’s son Solomon.  Here’s my SOAP for this morning:

S – “But the Godly are as bold as lions” 28:1

“But wise & knowledgeable leaders bring stability” 28:2

“People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy” 28:13

“In the end, people appreciate honest criticism, far more than flattery” 28:13

O – Immediately these words jumped out and challenged me: BOLD / STABILITY / CONFESSION / HONEST CRITICISM

A – The hardest, but best part about studying the Bible is the application.  I’m still coming out of a “personal dip”  and learning the rhythms of my life and personal walk.  In order to have a true daily pursuit in walking closely to Christ I know I must challenge myself and grow, if not I’ll drift and stop maturing in my faith.  Thus, have nothing to offer anyone around me.  I mean “Ricky” is alright I guess, but…. “Ricky within a hot daily pursuit of Jesus Christ being transformed more in his image” well….. I would even want to be around myself that’s sounds funny, the other just “Ricky” is kind of boring and doesn’t have much.  I immediately thought of four things I’m going to apply with these words:

BOLD – I talk to an employee at Java Dave’s a few minutes ago and we talked about how dull life can be and how we wanted to be more adventuresome.  She told me during the Tulsa Fair she refused to just do the same old thing.  She rode every ride there, specifically those ones that scared her to death!  That’s stinken awesome!  How am I going to be bold?  I’m going after relationships in my life with tenacity.  I’m going after church planters that I can learn from.  I’m going after college students to mentor.  I’m going after men in our church that need disciples.  I’m going after friends of the past that need encouragement.

STABILITY – I’m seeking out a personal counselor to help me with the emotions of starting a church and dealing with the roller coaster of highs and lows.  I want to understand myself better and how I tick.  I want someone to read my leadership ability and tell me my blind spots and personality defects.  Amy is more than happy to help with this one!

CONFESSION – I’m in the process of getting together with 4 other guys and establishing a band of brothers mentality.  We will meet weekly and one of the keys will be accountability and complete confession of temptations and “coming out of the closet” with sins that we’re slaved too.  It’s one thing to confess our sin to Christ to be forgiven, it is another to confess it to other men for the sake of accountability.

HONEST CRITICISM – In a few Sundays to come we are going to take 5-10 minutes during our gathering to do a church-wide survey.  We will find out demographics, how long people have known Christ, background, what people love and don’t love, and how we can go into 2010 with a better radar of how to streamline our focus.  We will probably do some strategic quitting and focus on less to do more.   Anyone that has ever attended The Well I’m hoping to get some sort of feedback.

How are you growing and maturing in your walk with Christ?  What’s keeping you back?  What are some hard realities of where you’re at in life in which you need to deal with?  How can you deal with these 4 words?


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