Genesis Reflections

January 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

This morning I got up earlier than normal so I could drink in for the day ahead.  I got to spend time in the Oasis of Genesis and spend time with Abraham and Isaac.  As I reflect on chapter 20-24 here’s the main three things that encouraged me for today:

1.  When we are obediently following God we will receive his favor……. despite making some mistakes along the way

– Chapter 20 describes Abraham not being completely honest about Sarah being his wife and it could have been a huge mistake, possibly his life and hers.  Somehow God spoke and he was pardoned.

2. Sometimes we laugh at God….. he sometimes returns that laugher

– In Chapter 21 Sarah had originally laughed at God’s promise of giving her a child in old age and actually laughed at God!  Later on it came to pass and she had laughter once again.  I’m thinking this time it wasn’t a sarcastic laugh, but a laughter of complete overwhelming joy!

3.  We may not understand God’s plan, but his plan is always better

– Genesis 21:14 Hagar was once again sent away into the wilderness.  She had a baby this time.  What was she going to do?  God heard her cry and in the midst of the wilderness makes her son a skillful archer!  I love this!

4.  Sometimes the altars are more costly than we can bear

– I can’t begin to think through sacrificing your son.  I just can’t think that far in my heart.  Abraham literally carried the knife and wood that would be used to kill his son.  He built many altars before God, this one wasn’t the same.  It was the ultimate altar of sacrifice.  Am I ready for this kind of sacrifice?  What an inspiration!


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