Appoholics Anonymous

January 17, 2010 — Leave a comment

Last year before The Well officially began publicly, our launch team decided to give me a gift.  It was gift certificates for an I-phone.  I was still working another job at the time so couldn’t justify another phone, even though having an I-phone would be cool.  I waited about two months later and really have grown to have a love/hate relationship with it.  Once I learned my boundaries and put some lids on it, now it has become an incredible resource at the finger tips.

The one feature that I think can be most addictive is the unlimited supply of apps.  These little guys can creep up and still much time and even money.  There’s currently over 100,000 apps offered and it is growing like mad!   If I don’t have a book close by, I’ve grown to enjoy them as I’m waiting a few minutes for an appointment.  It has brought some good times with Camden as well.  Here’s my top 12 at the moment:

sportacular – any team, any game, but Red Sox are the only one that is worth checking on

tweet mic, twitterific, twitpic – easy access to update my status without going through face book

around me – different locations and businesses

what’s on? – tv

mouthoff – funny mouth shapes that move when you talk

doodlejump – little guy that jumps up steps to higher levels (Amy is unreal at this)

hr derby – quick junior high reminder and lets me continue to live my baseball dreams

youversion – quick access to just about any Bible translation

one tap – movies

falling balls – balls that fall from the sky to squish you

white noise – variety of noises, loving the fan if I’m in a hotel room

paper toss – can play basketball in a office, airport, or basement with wind effects

So what is your top apps?  I’m not much on paying for them, so if you have any that are good, practical, and free let me know!  Mostly I’m looking for either playful ones or…… some that can really help me out for the better.


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