Digital Discipleship

February 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

In 1893, a ten thousand dollar Congressional appropriation established RFD or rural free delivery. Up until that point, rural Americans had to ride their horse into town to pick up their mail at the general store. RFD provided mail service to rural residents for the first time.

Two entrepreneurs named Aaron Montgomery Ward and Richard Sears spotted a business opportunity. They saw a new distribution channel for their products. They produced so many catalogs that they were the second most widely read books in the country behind the Bible at the turn of the 20th century. They redeemed a new medium–rural free delivery–and turned it into a distribution channel.

That is what podcasting and blogging are all about. Jesus told us to go into all the world, but he didn’t specify how. It used to be traditional modes of transportation–ships, horses, and airplanes. But digital technology is a new mode of transportation, a new distribution channel, a new medium.

I’m a blog and podcast fanatic!  Every month we have listeners tune into our podcast that have never even stepped inside the theater on a Sunday.  I’m already racking my brain on how we can implement video cast onto our home page, as well as using podcasts to disciple people one person at a time.  I’m also pretty passionate about blogging.  I view blogging and podcasting as “digital discipleship” efforts.

“The church needs to be redeeming technology and using it to serve God’s purposes! There are ways of doing evangelism and digital discipleship that we never dreamed of a decade ago. I just think there are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet! And if we are going to reach emerging generations it is going to require some holy creativity and sanctified imagination.”   Mark Batterson

I love what Mark says:

Podcasting is circuit riding at the speed of light.

Blogging is digital discipleship.

Video technology turns screens into postmodern stained glass.

Websites are virtual front doors.

Email is word of mouse.

Recently I mentioned some of this stuff at a Campus Crusade for Christ leadership meeting at RSU.  Perhaps this could be what Jesus meant when he said, “And you will do more things than me”.  Just a thought……. I didn’t even mention text discipleship.  That’s a whole other blog.  Just a side note…. if you are a Pastor and you are trying to reach anyone below 30 and aren’t using these means….. well no comment.


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