Digital Detox

February 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

So pumped about watching some friends get wet tomorrow as they take the plunge and kicking off our new series on Transitions.  Afterwards Amy and I are jetting out-of-town, leaving the boys at Nana’s, and headed to the Selah Inn in Mt Vernon, Texas for a Pastor’s Network retreat.   We were wanting to do this last year but it just didn’t work out.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect as The Well just hit her first birthday and we just sold our house.  If you missed last week’s celebration party click here to see pics or click here to see a quick video.  The reason we sold was to get into something with more space for church activities and in case God allows us to expand our family…. and no signs yet!

I’m looking forward to unplugging from all technology for the week.  No phone, no texts, no face book, no twitter, no blog, just simply focusing on my heavenly father and focusing on my wife.  My soul is longing to get away for a hike, a jog, long periods of time reading, and long walks holding Amy’s hand.  I’m looking forward to hearing no other voices but Amy’s and my Jesus.  It’s a time to rest, renew, relax, and recharge.  I’m planning on engulfing 1 Corinthians, and two classics that have been awaiting my soul on my reading list:  Walking with God by Murray and With Christ in the School of Prayer also by Andrew Murray.

It’s times like these where I think about Jesus getting away from the crowds and climbing a mountain to pray.  He knew the value of recharging.  It was also a great reminder to me that I am not the source for people but just simply a vessel through which he uses me to touch others.  The only reason I can ever pour out is because I first drank in.  It’s a week of digitally detoxifying my heart, mind, and soul.  Say a prayer that God would replenish me this week to come back filled up and ready to bring in year two.  If you need to get a hold of someone from The Well please email our Growth Pastor at  Let’s talk again in a week.

When was the last time you spent a bulk of time unplugging to spend more time with Christ?


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