Hasn’t Changed…. One Bit

June 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

As my family hiked through Button Rock yesterday, Amy commented “These mountains truly feed the soul”.  I’ve been meditating on that question this morning as I began a new week.  What feeds my soul?  I think she’s so right.  I remember living in Broomfield nearly 15 years ago during high school.  I remember driving up the last hill on 36 and reaching the top to descend into Boulder.  It was breathtaking and majestic then…… and it hasn’t changed one bit.

I’m finding that these mountains recharge me and refuel my soul.  When I gaze upon them my first thought is “Wow, truly amazing….. my second thought is, “Wow, what an amazing creator I have”.  I think back to what my friend David said in 121:1 of Psalms “I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: From whence shall my help come?  I think about the lyrics of some songs I love from a band called Desperation “Come to my rescue where else can I go” and “I never have to worry what tomorrow may bring, I’m counting on you”.

I ponder this morning that my soul is being fed as I gaze upon the beauty of the mountains, because it’s the fingerprints of my creator.  Just as they haven’t gone anywhere, they haven’t changed one bit….. my creator hasn’t gone anywhere…. He hasn’t changed one bit.  He is my help…. He is my rescue……. He’s who I’m counting on today and this week and the week after.




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