Boulder 70.3 Race Report – Top 10 Reasons It Went Well

August 9, 2011 — 1 Comment

Five years ago I got bit by a bug….. a tri bug.  It’s crazy how many lessons I’ve learned through the sport.  Yesterday, after months of training, I crossed the line for my A race of the year.   My goal was to finish in the top 50% of my age group and finish sub 6 hours with the following specs:


Swim 45:30

Bike 2:55 (19.2mph)

Run 2:14 (10:13 pace)

T1 2:45

T2 2:00

Total = 5:59:15


To my complete amazement I finished in the top 37% of my age group and sub 6!  Not bad for living in the mecca of the sport.  I’ve never broken the sub 6 in a half Ironman before.  The top two reasons I would have to say is getting serious about nutrition so I didn’t shut down during the run & focusing on my biggest limiter in triathlon…… my running pace.

My actual specs were:


Swim 43:36

Bike 2:37 (21.3mph)

Run 2:12 (10:08 pace)

T1 2:16

T2 1:40

Total = 5:37:44


I’ve never had a race go so well.  I’ve decided to throw out my top 10 reasons why I think things worked out so well:


  1. Race Weight — Trimmed down to what I believe is my ideal race weight of 155 so there was no excessive baggage that I had to carry
  2. Speed & Hills – Weekly workouts apart from endurance run to help me get faster & grow leg strength
  3. Race Simulation – Every week did Stroke & Stride…. Learning to run a faster 5K & swim in open water more
  4. Knowing the Course – Swam at the reservoir weekly, biked the course at least 5-6 times, ran the course 3-4 times
  5. Hydration & Salt – Wore a camelbak two days leading up to get tons of water & sprinkled salt like a mad man on my food
  6. Nutrition – Focused on this like a scientist….. knew exactly what my body needed, when I needed it, & how much I needed at exact times
  7. Equipment – Last fall I sold my road bike & bought a tri bike which had a larger ring which allows me to fly on the flats & down hills….. perfect for this course.  I also invested in a global trainer watch for GPS, pace, time, & pace per mile on the run to know exactly where I was every mile of the run
  8. Training Log – In years past injuries plagued me, but this year I watched my mileage like a hawk to prevent over-training
  9. Triathlon Club – Surrounding myself with other triathletes far better than myself to grow my knowledge & help stretch my abilities
  10. A Cause – My good friend gave his life last week fighting for our freedom.  I wore his picture on my race belt and raced in his honor yesterday.  It makes a difference when you’re tired & want to just stop.  I talked to him throughout to give me his leg strength.  One participant said, “It’s really cool…. you racing for someone other than yourself.  Not too many people do that out here.”

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    This is HUGE! Proud of you bro! Way yo stick with it!


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