What Kind of Warrior

May 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

ImageThere’s just certain days in life where it seems like you “have it” or you don’t.  There’s probably a dozen factors of why you didn’t or why you did.  I think we all learn to take advantage of those days when we “have it” and just do our best to persevere through the ones in which it’s a battle to just make it to the end.

This past Friday I loaded up for an 85 mile training ride that involved 3 loops.  It was one of those days I didn’t “have it”.  Perhaps it was my nutrition, the wind, the previous days of training leading up, but what I did know was one loop and I was done.  There’s a verse I read recently in Gideon 5:7 that says, “Warriors became fat and sloppy…. No fight left in them”.  I could relate…. I felt horrible and it knocked my confidence as I approach my A race in late June.  Why couldn’t I plow through?  I’ve been training for a while to know that when your body says enough…. It’s enough, if you plow through for the sake of pride it could leave you injured.

Turn the page to last night as I headed out for a 3 hour run.  It was one of those days where I felt like I “have it”.  Even though it was cooler, didn’t bring enough nutrition, and when I made the turn at the half way point it begin to rain.  On this night I was reminded of the verse in Gideon 6:12 “God is with you, O mighty warrior”.  I felt awesome!  At about 2:45 am I felt the temptation to ease my pace going up the big gradual climb on McCaslin, but when “Training Montage” from the Rocky IV soundtrack comes on…. There’s no easing the pace!  Yes I still listen to that soundtrack.  I flew the last ½ mile downhill to my house and felt like I could run another hour.

There’s just going to be those days we’re not going to “have it” and some days we won’t and that’s just life.  I’ve learned to go after it and when to ease up, avoid injury, and when to remind myself that God is truly with me and I can rely on His strength on any day, and to do my best not to allow myself to become fat and sloppy in areas of discipline.  As I finished up reading chapter 6 of Gideon these lessons leaped out at me as they relate to our spiritual and physical journeys:

  • We forget what God’s done in our lives
  • We lose focus and get fat and sloppy and end up hiding because we’re ashamed
  • God is with us and hears us when we cry out
  • We get insecure and afraid when we take our eyes off of Him and look at ourselves
  • God wants to be #1 in our lives and wants the credit
  • His spirit is with us and He’s always patient

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