Sabbath.. “It Happens” Part Three

April 12, 2013 — Leave a comment


Amy had just shared the Prodical Son story of the jealous older brother. Camden’s eyes began to tear up as he knew what was coming for Cale. He says these words that shook my core, “Daddy, I don’t want Cale to get spankens. Can you give him three of my marbles?“. As I went to sleep my eyes filled hearing these words,

“Ricky, this is what I wanted for you today. You aren’t in control. You wanted a perfect day. This day wasn’t about what you wanted, but what I wanted for you. More than anything you could have received from your hike, the mountains, the conversations, I wanted your family to have grace. None of you are perfect and “It Happens” and “It” will happen again, but my grace is sufficient. Stop trying to plan your perfect day, and look to the one that is perfect, and what I want to show you.”

Sabbath….. is more than I can describe. It is an adventure, an escape, a day of surprises, it’s a day to stop doing, so He can do. Sabbath is a lesson awaiting to be learned. Sabbath is food for the soul. Sabbath can also be painful, because it can involve a change of plan, pruning, thwarting, and surrendering control.

What can you do to establish Sabbath in your life?  These last three posts aren’t to share with you how I’ve nailed it down, seeking perfection, but to encourage and challenge you to seek REST in your own life.  I’m still trying to figure it out and wish I could say every single week “It Happens”, but it doesn’t and I pay the price.  I’m trying to be intentional about fleeing away for some “Personal Retreat Days”.  I’m trying to figure out how to get sips from the living water and how to encourage Amy to do the same…. not an easy task with three small kids.

So try it yourself.  Pull out your calendar and pick one day a week where you will stop….. doing and just simply be.  I promise it will be worth it.


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