Just Show Up

February 6, 2014 — Leave a comment


I once heard someone say that the true definition of a friend isn’t found in your ability, but in your availability.  It’s simply you just showing up.  There’s such power in your presence isn’t there?  Isn’t it in the deepest valley that words are hard to come by, yet our being there is simply all that is needed and required?  I’m a part of an incredible community of people in Boulder, Colorado called Fast Forward Sports.  These people are some of the most die-hard committed endurance athletes I’ve ever met.  Just this past Tuesday evening it was barely 10 degrees out and a dozen of chose to just show up and run for 30 minutes.  A huge reason for this is the mentality of one of the running coaches Scott Gurst who has established this very mantra within the training group… just show up.

I’ve heard it said by others when you just show up for a workout that’s where the magic happens.  In other words you get results when you just show up.  A couple of years ago a relative challenged me by saying, “So how long have you been out in Colorado now?  So how many people have gotten saved?” I’ve found as a triathlon chaplain it’s not about the conversions, it’s more about the conversations that happen when I just show up.  I never just show up to speak Christianise or go into discipleship mode.  My pulpit is a bike and my sanctuary is the running trail.  My suit is a wet suit and my alter calls happen on the go.

I just show up, prayed up, and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide every conversation.  I remember sitting a top the Flatiron mountains above Boulder in the summer of 2010 and felt God calling me to represent him by wearing spandex.  Sounds crazy I know but it led to the birthing of our ministry called Iron One… a ministry of spandex.  Do I always feel effective?  Do I always feel like I’m making a difference?  Do I always feel like I’m the right guy for this?  No I sure don’t.  Most of the time I feel inadequate but guess what?  I remember early on a missionary friend saying, “Ricky just you showing up, just being there, when no one else will is all that is required.”

I continue to just show up.  Every now and then I pray some magic happens within the Kingdom.

My prayer these days simply comes down to the words of Jesus in John 17:4, “I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detail what you assigned me to do.”

So what about you?  God has called you to a special mission on earth.  Are you obeying him by simply showing up?


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