The Transcendence of Physical Health

October 17, 2014 — Leave a comment
When you focus on managing your physical health it transcends or go beyond the limits of all other areas of life.  Think about it for a moment with me.  When you start tracking your caloric intake and monitoring your exercise you are reaping to in return to sow good health as the Biblical principle tells us.
In the same way when you sit down and start tracking your financial budget line item by line item to avoid debt and have more to save and give you are managing well.  When you sit down and plan out date nights and weekly meetings with your spouse to manage your children and weekly schedule you are investing in a healthy marriage.  The list goes on and on.  It is a stewardship issue isn’t it?  I know personally when I’m not having discipline in one area, chances are that I’m off track in another and then another.  How can I expect to sow God’s blessings when I’m not reaping healthy choices?


Here’s the startling reality of church attenders every weekend across our nation as they listen to their pastors preach.  They listen to the message from the instrument that God is speaking through to challenge them to be healthy in all areas of life.  If they see you as a minister passionately challenging them in their sin, finances, marriage, yet they are standing before them obviously not in good physical health they start questioning their credibility.  They start wondering if the minister is a hypocrite and only address areas that they seemingly do well in.  Here’s the problem.
Remember what I wrote above.  If you are managing one area the percentages of you managing another are extremely high.  However, if you are not managing one area the percentages of you not managing another are extremely high.  This isn’t always the case I can only speak for myself.  When my car is dirty, my bed is unmade, I’m probably not spending time in prayer or exercising.  All of this might upset you and cause you to get defensive I understand, but please know I’m called to help ministry leaders and this is what I hear all of the time.  Even if you are disciplined in other areas of your life, if you aren’t in your physical health because it is outward, people automatically question your credibility in the others areas.
Take an opportunity to look within right now.  Is anything above true in your own life?  Listen that is tough stuff and I’m looking in the mirror long before this post goes out.  What is one takeaway from this post that can help you move forward?  You can do this.
Each day is a GIFT.  Will you live it apathetically in the grey?  Not me.

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