A Candid Interview with My Health Coach

October 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

Two weeks ago I had the incredible privilege of interviewing my own health coach.  Around three years ago Ken Hood stepped into my life and has added incredible value to me.  Ken is the Wellness Director at James River Assembly in Ozark, MO and also started BMAX (Body Mechanix Athletics) years ago.

I’m really excited about their partnership with Fit Pastors as Ken will help us reproduce staff wellness programs across the nation, and his wife Diane, a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Endurance Coach will be one of our coaches as well as help us write content for Fit Pastors Academy 3.0 next year focusing on endurance training.

Ken was monumental a few months ago in encouraging me to get a health screening to get my blood work. When the results came back my bad cholesterol and blood pressure were a little high.  When Ken found out he encouraged me by saying, “Don’t be a white-wash tomb!  Lets get to work.”  I needed the kick in the pants and so glad he’s in my life as I coach so many others I need a coach as well.  After all as Ken tells me “just because your thin doesn’t mean your healthy, the proof is in the blood.”

I hope you’ll take an opportunity to watch the interview I did with him as he answers questions about:

1.  Sugar Drinks and Diet Cokes

2.  Sweeteners

3.  Importance of Water

4.  Value of a Health Screening

This interview is an example of what our bonus videos look like within our Fit Pastors Academy online courses.  This one will be a part of our upcoming 2.0 course being released in January 2015.  Enjoy!


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