How Pastors Can Make Halloween Healthier for Their………

October 30, 2014 — Leave a comment


Halloween healthy?  Come on give me a break right?  Believe me I understand you are talking to the Sugar Daddy, well as a few years ago my boys no longer call me that it is now the Healthy Daddy.  Huh?  I used to binge on sugar and candy and couldn’t wait for Halloween just gobble up all my boys candy, in secret of course.  Yeah I was pretty ashamed of it.  I’m thankful I confessed my sugar addiction a year ago and have made huge strides, after all if I don’t diabetes could easily be lurking its ugly head around the corner.

So what can you do to make Halloween healthier?  As a family we stopped looking at Halloween at just a candy feast.  We made it more about the fun costumes like this year my boys are Mr. Peabody and Sherman good times!  We made it more about quality time together and when the boys were really young since we didn’t too much snow in OK at the time, we came up with an alternative for a snowman…. The Pumpkin Man (look at my social networks in the days to come!).

So what about candy?  How do you get beyond that?  Besides wanting to save money on dental bills from my kids cavities and deal with insanely high energy levels, we just wanted to choose to be healthier.  We made a deal with our boys.  Here it is……

Get your costumes on and lets trick-or-treat and you can get as much candy as you possible can get.  Then when we get home we will dump it out all over the floor and we get rid of all the kinds you don’t like.  Next, you pick out a small pile that is your favorite and then you can trade in the majority to Mommy and Daddy in exchange for a gift card to Wal-Mart to pick out a really cool toy.  What do you say?  Boom!  We’ve never looked back!  Amy has done a really good job with incorporating fruit like apples in with some caramel for just a little bit of sugar.  I mean come on my favorite candies are the little candy corns but check this out!


So pastors and ministry leaders, or anyone else reading, what can you do to make Halloween just a bit healthier for your Mr. Peabody and Sherman?  Shoot me a tweet @rickyvanpay to share and #fitpastors!


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