My First Physical Health Wake-Up Call

November 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

IMG_0010I can still remember my first wake-up call from my doctor in 2005 that looked me straight in the eye and said,

“Ricky, how old are you? Aren’t you a new Dad? Do you know how high your bad cholesterol is? Your blood pressure? Do your realize you are nearly OBESE? You need to make a change now!”

Can I be honest? I wanted to punch him in the throat! He offended me and made me mad! You know what though? Down deep I was relieved that someone finally read my mail and cared enough to speak the truth in love no matter how hard it was to hear it. He helped save my life. I knew I was in the wrong and needed a straight shooter. I was convicted. I made a life-style decision that day. Why?

I once heard someone say,

“You really don’t make a change until you realize how much it is costing you.”

I realized that my pain wasn’t worth the indulging or inactive lifestyle. As you heard me talk about my pain of being a young Dad and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to get down and wrestle with my son, feeling shame in front of my students at the pool, or feeling insecure in the bedroom around my wife, and just flat-out miserable feeling like a failure in ministry…. thus the reason for the pounds and not taking care of myself.

Fast forward a decade later and 80 pounds lighter.  Has it been perfect? No way, but I can tell you this.

I don’t feel shame anymore at the pool, or insecure with my wife, and I can jump on a trampoline and go hiking with my small kids! I also feel like I have the credibility to actually get up behind a pulpit and speak with authority.

When was the last time you had a wake-up call moment in your health?  My new friend Rob Kettering would tell you “Change Before You Have To”.

What pain points, struggles, tensions, or frustrations do you currently have?

Perhaps it’s the fact that God called you to do something and right now you’re not able to fulfill it because your physical health is holding you back. Perhaps you just got word from your doctor that you aren’t as healthy as you thought, or you are in extreme health crisis.

What is one step you can take to ease that pain today?

If I can help shoot me an email at it would be an honor to help you.  I’ve been there.


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