Dropping the Ball

February 26, 2015 — Leave a comment


Fetch Fenway….. Fetch! On that command my three-month old black lab puppy chases after her ball down the shotgun hallway in our house. Usually she doesn’t put on the brakes quick enough and bam! She slams right up against the Paul Bunyon size door, it’s quite hilarious, but I’m sure not for her.

She grabs the ball in her mouth and sprints back toward me knowing what I hold in my hand is something she longs for….. her reward which is a tasty beef jerky like substance. I ask her to sit and then place the jerky on the floor. She looks up at me and back down and starts to get ansy. Why?

She wants her reward but doesn’t want to give up her ball.

I attempt to reassure her that it’s ok and I’m not going to take the ball from her mouth as long as she wants it, but she also knows this. She can’t consume her reward as long as the ball is in her mouth. She tries so hard to keep the ball in her mouth and yet eat her delicious jerkiness. She will even place the ball between her paws and try to place it in one side of her mouth, yet still eat the reward.

She wants her reward but doesn’t want to give up her ball.

I want to keep playing fetch and so does she. I want to keep giving her rewards and she wants to keep eating them. She loves her ball and doesn’t want to give her ball even though I’m going to give it right back again and we can keep the rhythm of play alive.

A thought hit me the other day. God and I play fetch a lot. I want his reward beyond anything I can imagine and He’s so willing to provide it to me time and time again. I often don’t receive it. Any guesses why?

How about you? Are you receiving His rewards or are you unwilling to drop the ball? What’s the ball? Think about that for a moment and your “ball” will reveal itself.

“How much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him?” Matthew 7:11


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