Pastors Need Health Coaches: Why I Personally Invested in Coaching This Year

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I need coaches in my life… a lot of them.

I currently have a marriage coach, finance coach, nutrition coach, business coach, writing coach, parenting coach, strength-training coach, and I look to my pastor as my spiritual coach.

Do I pay for all of them? No, but for some I do.

Why? I can’t trust myself. What? You heard me. I am a notorious self-sabotage and famous for self-deconstructing.

It’s ok. I know down deep I was built for community. I need others because iron sharpens iron. I need coaches.

Recently I read The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster and Darren Hardy said,

“The greatest athletes in the world hire the most expensive coaches, consultants, and advisors. The greatest companies do the same, CEO’s and celebrities, too. Why? Because they know that investing in themselves is what got them to where they are, and they know they need to keep doing it to grow and stay at the top of their game.”

I actually just got done paying nearly $1000 to go through a 12-month course called Start Up Camp. I signed a commitment letter and mailed it to Dale Partridge when I first started. I watched every coaching video, took detailed notes, printed off every document, showed up for a few monthly QnA’s, engaged in the private Facebook group, and about to take a 100 question exam to become a graduate.

The #1 thing I learned was that, I don’t need to do everything in my business, but I need to know about everything that’s going on in my business.

It was the best professional and personal development decision I’ve made in a long time, maybe ever.

Here’s five reasons why hiring a coach is worth it. I’m stealing these from Justin Wise but they hold true to my experiences as well.

A good coach…

1. Is a Shortcut to Success

I don’t like making mistakes and believe me I’ve made a ton from leading student ministries, planting a church, starting a triathlon chaplaincy, and several years ago birthing Fit Pastors. I remember hearing Dale Partridge say,

“One hour with me will save you a year.”

Wow. I thought that’s kind of cocky. It was true. I only wish I’d taken the course two years ago.  It has given me a confidence now in coaching pastors that I can save them a year of the vicious cycle in one hour with a new perspective and mindset.

2. Can See Your Blind Spots

So many pastors come to me feeling stuck in their health. Do you know what I see in so many including myself? They want overnight success. They want to plant healthy seeds, skip cultivating, and go right onto harvest. It takes a long time to put on a lot of weight, and guess what? It takes even longer to lose it.

3. Will Hold You Accountable

When I sent that letter to Dale along with hundreds of other entrepreneurs I committed on the dotted line. I will probably never meet Dale and he probably doesn’t even know who I am, but I know me. I committed and I wanted to finish. I’m accountable to the community of campers within Start Up Camp.

4. Will Keep You Humble

I don’t like asking for help who does? I have to swallow a really big glass of pride every single time I reach out. I know though that the Lord gives grace to the humble.

5. Will Expand Your Network

The best part about getting a coach is you get access to their community. This is what I love about Fit Pastors so much. You get to be a part of a tribe of pastors, missionaries, and church planters all on mission to get and stay healthy. You get to hang out with other pastors!

So pastors and leaders who are you allowing to coach you – to ask you the tough questions on a regular basis? In what areas of your life do you need coaches?  The New Year is just a few days away isn’t it time to secure a coach to finally conquer your health?

Check out my spiritual coach and pastor Scott Wilson in this interview as he reached out to Fit Pastors to get health coaching. Skip to the final 5 minutes and listen to what he says about gulping pride.



If you’re interested in grabbing a spot in an upcoming huddle, gain access to the Fit Pastors Academy course, and have your own personal coach click here.

This article was part three of a series called “Pastors Need Health Coaches”.  Click here to read part one and click here to read part two.

I leave you with this quote from the book Next Generational Leader,

It is impossible to maximize your potential in any area without coaching. You may be good. You may be even better than everyone else, but without outside input you will never be as good as you could be. To be the best next generation leader you can be, you must enlist the help of others. Self-evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential. You need a leadership coach”. Andy Stanley


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